At Woody's Electric & Refrigeration, Inc., our approach is pretty simple. As a family-owned business which has served Elkhart, St. Joe, Marshall and Kosciusko counties for nearly 50 years, we believe it all comes down to asking yourself, what would I want if I were in the customer's shoes? How would I want to be treated? How quick would I want this company to respond? Am I getting a fair price? Is this the level of quality that I expect?


These are the types of questions we ask before we do a job... and to be honest we don't think much about it because we've been approaching customers this way for so long it's become second nature to us. However, if we break it down into its simplest form it would look like this:


Do Not Make A Promise You Cannot Keep



Deliver What You Say You Are Going To Deliver



You Can't Make A Profit On Every Job... Deal With It



Work Harder Than Your Competitiors



Always Continue To Educate Yourself On The Latest Technologies, The Best Approaches, The Latest Equipment and The Best Methods



You Do Not Have To Be The Lowest Price, You Should Never Be The Highest Priced, Regardless You Should Always Be Fair Priced



Provide Customers With Only Quality, Reliable Equipment Combined With Impeccable Service



Treat Customers With Respect, Treat Vendors With Respect And Treat Team Members With Respect



Search For A Solution Until You Find It... Our Customers Are Counting On Us To Do That



Always Try To Make Customers Lives Better. Solve Their Problems, Make Things Easier, Save Them Money, Make Them More Secure and Comfortable



Woody’s has worked hard to keep our approach in tact for many years. We believe that it is our approach combined with a positive attitude that had kept us succesfully doing business for 5 decades.



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