When you're in business and you have water heater problems it's very likely to have a negative effect on your business. In many cases it could slow or shut your company down. Water heaters work very hard during their lifetime, especially commercial and industrial water heaters. They have many parts that are often put to the test and are almost always under a lot of stress.


At Woody's we work on Commercial Water Heaters as well as Industrial Water Heaters virtually. This could be anything from smaller water heaters for offices and restaurants to large commercial and industrial water heaters for schools, hospitals, factories and foundries. Regardless of the size or type, if your water heater is not responding properly, it may need to be serviced, repaired or replaced right away.


Out technicians understand the inner-workings of commercial water heaters as well as industrial water units. If they need serviced, we can do that, if they need repaired we can do that too. If your commercial or industrial water heater goes out completely and can't be serviced or repaired, we work with you by recommending the best water heater for your business and/or specific needs. Furthermore, our goal is to always find you not only the most compatible water heater, but the fairest price as well. Of course, we install commercial and industrial water heater that you purchase through us as well.


Whether you need to service, repair or replace your water heater, Woody's Electric technicians have the experience to do it efficiently and properly... and always for a competitive price. Our well-trained technicians work with all aspects of commercial and industrial water heaters and they can handle virtually any water heater issues that are thrown at them.


We also sell several brands of quality, reliable commercial and industrial water heaters and can assist you if you need a new one installed. When it comes to Commercial or Industrial Water Heaters, come to Woody's