If you have wayer heater problems you're not alone. Water heaters work very hard during their lifetime. They are relatively simple beasts but have a lot of parts (tanks, dip tubes, shut-off valves, thermostats, drain valves, pressure release valves and other parts) that are often put under a lot of stress.


At Woody's we work on water heaters pretty much every day whether they be smaller residential water heaters, tankless water heaters, larger commercial water heaters or even gigantic industrial water heaters. They all need serviced, repaired or replaced at one time or another.


Out technicians understand the inner-workings of water heaters. If they need serviced, we can do that, if they need repaired we can do that too. If your water heater goes out completely and can't be serviced or repaired, we work with you by recommending the best water heater for your home or business. Furthermore, our goal is to always find you not only the most compatable water heater, but the fairest price as well. Of course, we install any water heater that you purchase through us as well.


Whether you need to replace or repair your water heater, Woody's Electric has the experience to do it quick and do it right... and always for a competitive price. Our well-trained technicians work with all aspects of water heaters and they can handle virtually any water heater issues from tankless water heaters and solar/hybrids to standard tank water heaters.


We also sell several brands of quality, reliable water heaters and can assist you if you need a new one installed. When it comes to water heaters, come to Woody's



Unlike most mechanical companies, Woody’s Electric and Refrigeration is not married to a specific brand. We have the abilty to get most major brands and have worked on virtually every make and model which makes us more qualified to help you find the brand that serves your individual purposes and needs best. Here you will find a samplimg of the different water heaters that we provide to our customers. For questions or more information (or a free quote) call us at 574.848.7653 or contact us here

 To see more of our top sellers feel free to check out OUR BRANDS page