Hopefully you never need Emergency Service, however, if that time comes Woody's Electric & Refrigeration, is here for you. We've pretty much seen it all, furnaces go out in the dead of winter or air conditioning units simply stop working... on the hottest day of the year. We've seen emergency electrical issues which can be harmful to property or even deadly.


When it comes to business its certainly no better. Pizza ovens that stop just before the Big Game, ice machines that stop making ice or walk-in coolers that stop cooling. We've seen industrial furnace break down when its below freezing and air conditioners in dentist offices stop working while patients are in the middle of procedures.


After 50 year in business, we've seen it all... and we are proud to say we have helped save the day many times. If you have an emergency situation that needs Emergency Service always feel free to give Woody's Electric a call. Our goal is always to get you back up and running, as safely and quickly as possible.


Emergencies Only 574.322.2252


All other calls 574.848.7653