In today's world Surveillance Equipment and Systems for businesses are becoming a neccesity. Surveillance systems are a significant aspect in keeping your business, your employee, your property and your intellectual property safe. Woody's Electric is Michiana's leader in Commercial Surveillance Equipment and Systems. We have kept current with the latest technology, we understand the equipment and how it works together. We also work with the top names in surveillance systems and keep in good standing with the companies that make that equipment which enables us to assist you with your surveillance system when the time is right.



At Woody's we work with both business owners, corporations and facility managers and operations managers in their quest to provide security. From cameras to recording devices, we can help you decide which equipment and/or which systems and components are best for your specific needs. We install everything from standard cameras and wireless cameras to very sophisticated security equipment that notifies law enforcement professionals immediately upon potential trouble. We also provide hidden cameras depending  on your needs and the application.


Whether you want to keep an eye on employees at nearby facilities or document every person approaching your building, the right equipment for the job can offer the necessary protection and we can help you acquire the best system for your needs.



Woody's technicians can advise you on what makes the most sense when it comes to wired cameras or wireless. This again will depend on application and your objectives but can also be influenced by camera location. It may also depend on the accessibility of running wires and where holes can or cannot be drilled. You may consider issues like whether or not you want to deal with changing batteries or if you prefer the advantages of WI-Fi. These are all matters that your Woody's technician can assist you with.



Sometimes cameras that are visible to a would-be thief or criminal can serve as a deterant and that can help prevent a crime from happening which means it can protect you and your employees or property. However, there may be other times when you do not want people to know they are being recorded. For instance when you want to record a meeting that you are concerned about, or you want to check up on employees to monitor their productivity or actions. Of course there are countless other instances where hidden cameras are the best choice. Plus, they are small enough and high quality enough that they can be hidden just about anywhere with anyone suspecting them. Regardless, a Woody's technician can assist you when you are ready to make that decision.



Another aspect of Commercial Surveillance Systems that your Woody's technical advisor can assist you with is which type of recording device makes the most sense for your application.  A DVR or Digital Video Recorder will likely cost you less yet is still very reliable while a NVR or Network Video Recorder is agreat option if you happen to have additional bandwidth on your network. NVRs will also offer you  higher quality video, plus they are easier to initially set up. Regardless of your needs, Woody's highly trained technicians will assist you in making the best choice for Commercial Surveillance Systems and Equipment.


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