No one in the business know commercial refrigeration like Woody's Electric and Refrigeration. This and electric is where we started. It truly is the "roots" of our company. While refrigeration has become more advanced over the last several deacades there is one thing that still holds true. People that depend on commercial refrigeration cannot afford to have it go down and stay down very long. Not only is there the immediate issue of loss of product, there is also the potential for loss of business long-term.


This is an area where Woody's stands heads and shoulders above the competition. We are responsive! When you have a commercial refrigeration unit go down we respons and we respond quickly. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Bars and Breweries are just some of the people that have praised us over the years when it comes to our responsiveness. However, we are also known for the quality of service we provide, the high standards we parctice when it comes to repairs and of course the fair pricing we offer customers when it comes to replacement or new installs of refrigeration units.


Our highly skilled techs have worked with refriigeration and commercial refrigeration units for nearly 50 years. If you find yourself in a pickle(and the pickle is getting warm) make a quick call to the professionals that know commercial refrigeration better than anyone in the region, Woody's Electric and Refrigeration.

Call us at 574.848.7653 or for Emergencies call 574.322.2252​​​​