As businesses become more sophisticated. more competitive and more complex we continue to search for new technologies to improve our own companies. One of the best ways to utilize technology is to turn to Physical Access Control Systems. This type of control system, not to be confused with Virtual Access Control (which limits access in the virtual world) is in the very simplest terms, the manner in which you control who enters a location and when they are allowed to enter. The individual may be an employee, a vendor, a customer or any other type of visitor. Visitors my be on foot, driving.. or they could be using another mode of transport. The location they’re entering may be anything from a gated entrance, a specified office or room… even a register or cabinet.


At Woody's Electric our trained technicians understand the world of Access Control. We work with it every day on everything from granting access into Parking Areas, to limiting who can access Educational Facilities or Government Offices. Woody's also installs Access Control Systems in Factories, Offices, Restaurants and even Medical Facilities.


Commercial Access Control Systems are typically electronic security systems that most often use some type of identifier which authorizes people into specific areas. One of the many advantages of Commercial Access Control is the system itself monitors who has accessed the area and when. Another obvious advantage is that these systems only allow “authorized” personnel into that area. Furthermore they can keep a log of entries, exits and the specific people who have visited.


Commercial Access Control also has advantages over controlled areas where keys are used because keys can easily be lost, misplaced or stolen. If that happens the locks should likely be changed. Access Control leaves an audit trail… keys do not. Access Control is easy to manage. Several keys are not. Access Control grants the same person into any areas that you want with just one card, one pass code or even a biometric identifier (like fingerprints).


There are many benefits to Access Control for Businesses and the experts at Woody’s Electric can share those with you. So if you are interested in introducing Commercial Access Control into your business, or you need upgraded Commercial Access Control Equipment, contact Woody's at  574.848.7653 or visit our CONTACT page.